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Margaret Sclafani

Margaret Sclafani received her BA at Bryn Mawr College (Anthropology, Film & French) and has worked for over 15 years in the film industry. Director of photography and camera operator on documentary and creative content for MTV News, the Whitney Museum, the Irish Arts Center, SyFy, Comedy Central, Snapple, Red Nose Day, Room 5 Films, the International Peace Institute, Refinery 29, and Emmy award winning Media Factory team, in addition to working with award-winning Gage & Gage Productions and Firelight Media on a number of documentary films for PBS. In-house DP at ViacomCBS for MTV News (2019-2021), technical director and cinematographer of the narrative feature film, “The Gift,” working within the Orthodox Jewish women's community, and director of the narrative short ‘We Are Here.’ Winner of the 2017 grant from the Russo Brothers Film Forum for her short documentary, “Saints of Little Italy” (premiered at NYWIFT Women Filmmakers: Immigrant Stories Series). 

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Zach Singer

Zach Singer studied in the Film/Video program at CalArts. He began directing and producing theater and short films at the age of 14. In 2005, Zach obtained the theatrical rights to “Cannibal! The Musical” (written by South Park’s Trey Parker) and produced and directed the show as a benefit for the Matlou Foundation. In 2014, Zach directed ‘Lily’ (Produced by James Franco and Deborah LaVine) a short film adapted from an unpublished stage play by Tennessee Williams. From 2015-2019 he produced and directed several music videos including “Baby It’s You” by Haley Reinhart and “The Standard” by Tolliver. Throughout his career as a producer and director, Zach has consistently worked as a video editor and story producer for companies that include MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, ATTN:, Genius, Discovery, Nickelodeon, and on several award winning social/web campaigns for entertainment clients A24, Disney, Fox Searchlight, Amazon/Roadside, and Magnolia Pictures.

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Artistic Statement

In collaborating together we’ve found that we both connect with personal and familial history of early and unexpected death. Storytelling is a means of healing our traumas and facing the challenges of ancestors as both a nation and as individuals.

Poetic cinema really opened our minds to how we can tell stories looking at the works of Kieslowski’s Blue and The Double Life of Veronique, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain, Wim Wender’s Wings of Desire, the memory based writings of Betty Smith and the family dynamics of Tennessee Williams.

We both grew up immersed in theater. Zach has worked as a director on a number of music videos; Margaret rose within the ranks of the camera department and worked as a producer and coordinator. Both of us bring a background in documentary work to our narrative approach. This film is reflective of this time in our thirties when we are fully entering into the responsibilities of adulthood, looking at the history of the world over our lifetimes, and confronting the future with hope, fear, anger, and activism.

We have learned by doing, throwing our bodies and minds into the creative work, demonstrating our leadership, hustle and technical aptitude. We trust our vision and history of collaboration and curiosity to lead us into this next chapter. 



Melisa Breiner Sanders

Melisa Breiner-Sanders (Producer) is a Brooklyn based filmmaker and actor, DePaul University (MFA) and Georgetown University (BA). A producer for over a decade, Mélisa most recently was a Consulting Producer on Cupids (TriBeCa premiere, screened at Cannes, available on BET+), Production Coordinator on the Montana feature Your Ear Shall Bleed, and producer on the award-winning short With The Fishes. Mélisa has produced features, shorts, webseries, and music videos that have screened at festivals such as Lighthouse, Bend Film, Adirondack, Rhode Island International, SOHO International, Bermuda International and many more. Her first feature Seven Lovers is currently available on all digital streaming platforms. Melisa was part of the Sundance Co//ab Producing cohort in 2020, advised by Karin Chien.

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Additional Crew

Mike Cyril 


Thomas Rowley

Camera Operator, New York Unit

Valeria Guillén

Poster Art Director

Brandon Tyson

Location Manager, Los Angeles Unit

Barbaros Kaynak

Post Sound Mix & Design

Andres A Ramirez


Michael Chang

Musician, Contributing Composer

Dungeon Beach


Jonathan Mahoney

Camera Operator, Arizona Unit

2nd Unit DP, Los Angeles Unit

Farah Zermane

Associate Producer 

Nikita Suldin

Production Sound, Los Angeles Unit

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